Reiki Jin Kei Do

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Reiki Jin Kei do is the path of wisdom and compassion. This is the Eastern lineage of Reiki, which encompasses a great depth of understanding of energy and the human energy systems.

Reiki Jin Kei Do is divided into several levels or stages of training. All levels include an attunement process:

Reiki I 

In this level a student learns the basic stages of channeling energy through their hands, and administering the healing energy through formal treatments both to self and others. Included is training on mind consciousness and meditation.

Reiki II 

In this stage of training the focus is primarily on distance healing and the student receives attunement into and knowledge of the Reiki symbols. Additional teaching is given on the process of creating mind consciousness.

Buddho I

Buddho is the system from which Reiki is derived with its roots held by the Buddist monks of the Himalayas. It includes meditation, guru yoga, moving mediation, and the use of symbols as mantras and yantras for the purpose of increasing the healers self awareness, expanding their consciousness and their capacity for energy.

Buddho II

In Buddho II the origin of the Reiki symbols is given, with additional teachings to build on what was learnt in Buddho I. Additional tools are also given like Vipasana breathing methods.

Reiki Mastery 

This training is a year in duration, and prepares the healer in all areas for the process of teaching this sacred tool.

Buddho Mastery 


This level enables the Reiki Master to teach Buddho.