The classes cover the following material:

  • Metaphysical Counselling: Processing patterns, clearing Karma, balancing masculine and feminine energies, the inner child, and regression therapy. 
  • Intuitive Energy Healing: Connecting to an aura and reading it, balancing chakras, meridians, layers of the aura, using sound, aroma and stones in healing, removing entities and attachments from the aura. 
  • Astral work: connecting in the astral dimension, balancing astral energy, healing relationships in the astral, severing contracts and vows. 
  • Space Clearing: reading the energy of an environment, clearing human energy from a space, balancing the Earths energy, correcting structural interference, dealing with muti and “ghosts” in a space. 

All information is given theoretically and applied practically, so there is a lot of growth and healing for the practitioner during the 8 month period. The above information covers the mental (counselling), physical (healing) and emotional bodies (astral work), and equips the healer with tools to deal with any imbalance, either in themselves or in others.

There are 16 classes over 8 months. We cover 2 classes a month, each class is approximately 4 hours long. 

Recordings and notes are available to make up missed classes. 

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