Advanced Metaphysics

The basic metaphysics training is a pre requisite

The advanced Metaphysics training is designed to bring a deeper and clearer understanding of self at the Soul level, our original state. This is of vital relevance for a number of reasons:

It is only when we understand ourselves at the Soul level that we might know the full truth of our own nature, and the nature of the Universe.

The vertical evolution requires a more conscious experience of the various dimensions and ourselves within them. It is the balancing of self and the owning of our power in other dimensions which brings the completion of the vertical evolution. 

We cover tools which enable us to experience ourselves beyond our human state, in 10 classes over 5 months.

Each class is approximately four hours long. All classes are compulsory. classes are hosted over weekends with catch up classes available during weekdays when necessary. 

A Super Advanced Metaphysics is now available. Advanced Metaphysics is a prerequisite.

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