The Path to Cosmic Consciousness

Sally has revised her very popular book. 

It documents her journey of initiation with Andean Shaman, spanning fourteen years.

It brings an understanding of the evolutionary journey that we all go through when we undertake a spiritual path. 

The Path to Cosmic Consciousness is about self-development, self-discovery and Shamanic Initiation.

The ethos of the Andean Tradition is equilibrium and harmony, where all the different structures are connected and permanently interact. humanity is the caretaker of this natural equilibrium. 

Humans and the earth have the same natural structure, except that humans have emotions...

In a time when life and the Earth are changing, this understanding is paramount to our personal happiness, as well as to continued balanced life on our planet.

Follow Sally's path from cautious pupil to humble master. 

Her candid explanations of failures and success exemplify her story, and will inspire you on your own journey to mastery

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